If you Build It

Giving back to the community is a great way for designers to make a name for themselves, and raise public opinion. Bertie County, North Carolina faces several issues around their community. The poverty that strikes this area is very predominant. It lacks in infrastructure, and business to turn this place around. Matt and Emily decided to take action and make an impact on this place. They came up with the Studio H. They went to the school in Bertie and they came up with a plan to help the students be more interested in school. This new experience for the students was just the jump start that they needed. Matt and Emily also realized there were other problems that needed to be fixed in the city, however they had to deal with several issues that hindered their process. They did not receive any support from the school board and had very little funds and money to work with. This in turn made it hard to keep the kids motivated. The plan they came up with would help out the city, and give the students a jolt.  Matt and Emily decided to start a farmers market in the city of Bertie. They came up with a design and plan with the students. This in turn gave the students some experience with design. The farmers market was successful in generating money for the community, and left the students who worked on it a sense of self being and accomplishment. Matt and Emily did a good job of exemplifying design advocacy through their project H.


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