Designers 10-11

Mark O’Bryan

 Mark is a professor at the Universtiy of Kentucky. He came to school at UK for undergrad in architecture. Mark is still a regular in the architecture game. He helps out a lot of churches around the area. He’s designed many structures for churches, and still has an on-going project to make a new church. Mark also believes design will move more towards 3D printing in the future. He talked about how designers have to deal with moral issues sometimes and think about what kind of materials need to be used in relation to the environment.

Lindsey Fay 

Lindsey is also a professor at the University of Kentucky. She had a love for design a t an early age. Her most memorable moment was when she “created” a playground in the fourth grade. She does work and research in the health care system, and analyzes the design of hospitals to see if they will fit the needs they need to provide. Lindsey has also gone to Cali to work on co-housing. She sees design going in which ever way the new designer’s passion dictates.


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