1. Baseball cap  (
  2. Nike tennis shoes   (
  3. Blue wristband (My phone)
  4. ATO shirt (
  5. Patagonia clothing   (
  6. Baseball glove  (
  7. Football   (
  8. South Park  (
  9. 308 rifle  (
  10. Florida Gators wallet  (
  11. Taco Bell  (
  12. My car (My phone)
  13. My Family  (My phone)
  14. Chipper Jones Jersey   (
  15. UK Flag  (
  16. American Flag  (
  17. Roger Staubach Jersey  (
  18. Dierks Bentley Riser Album   (
  19. Common Wealth Stadium  (
  20. Franklin, KY  (,_Kentucky)

These images help to explain my past, and what got me here.

The baseball glove represents one of my favorite activities. I started playing at the age of four, and stuck with it throughout high school. The American flag shows my beliefs. I love our country, and go along with the beliefs our country has. My Gators wallet shows my old ties to a different team. Once I came to UK the love for the Gators was replaced by the Cats. My hometown of Franklin, KY helped me become the person I am today. In this small town I learned all of my values, traditions, and beliefs. However the most influential source was my family. This group of people has always been there for me. My family has taught me all of my values, traditions, and beliefs; they support me in any way they can, and make me strive to be a better person.

The next set of images help to show some of my favorite activities.

My 308 hunting rifle was a big influence on me growing up, and it was the start of a great pastime. The rifle has been in our family for a couple of generations, and has been used in each generation to drop some big bucks. The Chipper Jones jersey is a favorite of mine. Chipper was my favorite active baseball player, and he played on my favorite professional team. I played third base just like Chipper up until high school, and I always tried to do like him. The University of Kentucky flag, and Commonwealth stadium are representations of my love of attending UK sports.The flag is associated with basketball season due to the huge flag that is in the student section before every game, and Commonwealth is obviously football. Going into the next photo of the football, I’d have to associate my love of sports more towards football. Commonwealth is a more enjoyable place for me to be. the Roger Staubach jersey is another heirloom of ours. My great aunt picked it up in Dallas at a game, and on top of that got him to sign it. This has been in our family since the time before I was born, and it is the first memorabilia I “had” that turned me into a Cowboys fan.

The next set of pictures represent a type of culture.

The Nike Air max shoes that I enjoy so much are a big way to show my culture. I enjoy comfortable shoes over making a fashion statement. However Nike is a well known brand so therefore I am also part of the mainstream. The Patagonia Hat and Shirt are also part of the mainstream. Both are comfortable as well, but they represent the outdoors, and I enjoy being outside. The blurry picture of the blue wristband is a commemorative item for one of my buddies from home. This wristband has basically became a part of my life and skin; it never gets taken off, and reminds me of the friend I lost in high school. The ATO shirt is a signal that I’m in the greek system. It represents the brotherhood that I have on campus, and the values that go along with the fraternity.

The last set of pictures shows the effects of consumerism on my life.


The image of Taco Bell is a well known one for me. Taco Bell my favorite restaurant, I probably eat there e at least twice a week. This being said it draws a lot of my money. My car is also a factor of consumerism. the ford commercials for it appealed to me, and drew me to buying it. The Dierks Bentley album “Riser” is also another favorite of mine. This album is frequently played in my car. The last is South Park. This is my favorite show. The way it is portrayed in commercials, and on tv is to my liking.



  3. My phone
  12. My phone
  13. My phone

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