designer profiles 9-10

Randall Vaughn
Randall is currently the president for the designer group at Gray Construction.  He went to the University of Kentucky for architecture. He worked for numerous architecture firms before he was employed at  Gray.  Randall was influenced by design from his wife. They would take car rides and look at numerous buildings; this is when he first started to realize how broad design was.He believes that all cars will become electrically powered, and move away from producing gas powered vehicles.  He also thinks that there will be a synchronization of various disciplines for design projects.

Helen Turner

Helen is a professor at the University of Kentucky.  She started out at the University of Ohio with an interior design degree, and found work at a small design firm right out of college.  This gave her the opportunity to work on many different projects while being there since she was the only interior designer at the firm.  She then moved to a bigger firm. After the recession she went back to grad school, and became a teacher. She focused more on how design could become more green.  She notices how design can impact the environment. In the future she thinks that there will be more energy efficient design and also more green design projects.


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