Designer profiles 7-8

Tim Lucas

Tim has his own architecture firm in Lexington. Tim got his inspiration from his father who an Interior Decorator. He enjoyed his father’s creations in this field. He studies at UK and has worked all around Lexington and Cincy in different firms. He mainly focused on design being everywhere. Tim mentioned that his style was brutal.  He made a point to say that design in the future would be based on new-age vs old-age.

Melody Farris Jackson

Melody teaches first year architecture at UK. She got her inspiration from the da Vinci drawings. Melody started off as a bio and chem major, but switched to architecture.She has experience in design from painted bourbon barrels, to her house that she put together herself. She said that design was all about problems and challenges.  You always have to consider the outcome versus the specific challenge.  She also mentioned that design has various scales, all of which are shown in her wide array of work. Melody also said that the future of design will be based on new versus old.  Another thing she said was that multiple careers paths would start to converge, and there would be a cross in design in engineers and developers.


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