Designer profiles 5-6

Adriane Grumbein

Adriane is professor at UK. She got into design in high school when she taught  herself how to use Photoshop and other computer based programs. She is an  ISC professor here at UK. And she also, designs wedding cards and things of that nature on the side. She believes that the world of design will become more technologically based. Things like big data in today’s society is what she used to support this claim.
Joe Ray-Barreau

Joe is a professor at UK. He got his inspiration for design as a child when he and his grandfather built a tree house. He teaches interior design and lightning design here. He mainly focused on light design. The way a space is lighted can lead to many different scenarios, and change the mood of people. The future of design in his field will be with LED lights. They will become more predominant in homes, on streets, and everywhere; they also have been used to decorate bridges, skyscrapers, and cranes making them more versatile and a pice of art.


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