Designer’s Profiles 2-4

Adam Logsden

  • Works for Gray Construction.
  • He has finished his undergrad at UK for architecture, and is now in graduate school.
  • He knew he wanted to be an architect at a young age when he constructed majestic things with legos.
  • He is currently working on site for a construction agency in Lexington.
  • Adam believes the design world for architecture will become more advanced and diverse in the next couple of years. The design process will become more technically inclined, meaning that technology will be used more to accomplish tasks. This will make collaboration easier among the sites. He also believes that 3D printing will become more predominant. He stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if people could buy printers for their house, and order something online to be 3D printed in their home.”

Julie Sniadowski

  • Still in graduate school for architecture.
  • Julie was very artsy as a child, she enjoyed drawing, and painting.
  • She was accepted to GSA thanks to her art skills, and became interested in architecture once she got into college.
  • She is attending grad school at UK right now.
  • Julie has similar beliefs as Adam on the design process of architecture.

Heather Hemmer

  • Junior in arts at UK.
  • She grew up enjoying math, science, and art.
  • Her mom influenced her decision to travel down the design path; she took some design classes her freshman year, and really enjoyed them.
  • She is enrolled in design classes right now, and has been since her freshman year of college; she plans on sticking with it, and studying abroad.
  • Heather stated, “design can be more than what it is perceived, it can be whatever you want it to be.” Heather has started up a project of turning trash, and rusted metal into new, cool sculptures.

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