1. Baseball cap  (
  2. Nike tennis shoes   (
  3. Blue wristband (My phone)
  4. ATO shirt (
  5. Patagonia clothing   (
  6. Baseball glove  (
  7. Football   (
  8. South Park  (
  9. 308 rifle  (
  10. Florida Gators wallet  (
  11. Taco Bell  (
  12. My car (My phone)
  13. My Family  (My phone)
  14. Chipper Jones Jersey   (
  15. UK Flag  (
  16. American Flag  (
  17. Roger Staubach Jersey  (
  18. Dierks Bentley Riser Album   (
  19. Common Wealth Stadium  (
  20. Franklin, KY  (,_Kentucky)

These images help to explain my past, and what got me here.

The baseball glove represents one of my favorite activities. I started playing at the age of four, and stuck with it throughout high school. The American flag shows my beliefs. I love our country, and go along with the beliefs our country has. My Gators wallet shows my old ties to a different team. Once I came to UK the love for the Gators was replaced by the Cats. My hometown of Franklin, KY helped me become the person I am today. In this small town I learned all of my values, traditions, and beliefs. However the most influential source was my family. This group of people has always been there for me. My family has taught me all of my values, traditions, and beliefs; they support me in any way they can, and make me strive to be a better person.

The next set of images help to show some of my favorite activities.

My 308 hunting rifle was a big influence on me growing up, and it was the start of a great pastime. The rifle has been in our family for a couple of generations, and has been used in each generation to drop some big bucks. The Chipper Jones jersey is a favorite of mine. Chipper was my favorite active baseball player, and he played on my favorite professional team. I played third base just like Chipper up until high school, and I always tried to do like him. The University of Kentucky flag, and Commonwealth stadium are representations of my love of attending UK sports.The flag is associated with basketball season due to the huge flag that is in the student section before every game, and Commonwealth is obviously football. Going into the next photo of the football, I’d have to associate my love of sports more towards football. Commonwealth is a more enjoyable place for me to be. the Roger Staubach jersey is another heirloom of ours. My great aunt picked it up in Dallas at a game, and on top of that got him to sign it. This has been in our family since the time before I was born, and it is the first memorabilia I “had” that turned me into a Cowboys fan.

The next set of pictures represent a type of culture.

The Nike Air max shoes that I enjoy so much are a big way to show my culture. I enjoy comfortable shoes over making a fashion statement. However Nike is a well known brand so therefore I am also part of the mainstream. The Patagonia Hat and Shirt are also part of the mainstream. Both are comfortable as well, but they represent the outdoors, and I enjoy being outside. The blurry picture of the blue wristband is a commemorative item for one of my buddies from home. This wristband has basically became a part of my life and skin; it never gets taken off, and reminds me of the friend I lost in high school. The ATO shirt is a signal that I’m in the greek system. It represents the brotherhood that I have on campus, and the values that go along with the fraternity.

The last set of pictures shows the effects of consumerism on my life.


The image of Taco Bell is a well known one for me. Taco Bell my favorite restaurant, I probably eat there e at least twice a week. This being said it draws a lot of my money. My car is also a factor of consumerism. the ford commercials for it appealed to me, and drew me to buying it. The Dierks Bentley album “Riser” is also another favorite of mine. This album is frequently played in my car. The last is South Park. This is my favorite show. The way it is portrayed in commercials, and on tv is to my liking.



  3. My phone
  12. My phone
  13. My phone

Designers 10-11

Mark O’Bryan

 Mark is a professor at the Universtiy of Kentucky. He came to school at UK for undergrad in architecture. Mark is still a regular in the architecture game. He helps out a lot of churches around the area. He’s designed many structures for churches, and still has an on-going project to make a new church. Mark also believes design will move more towards 3D printing in the future. He talked about how designers have to deal with moral issues sometimes and think about what kind of materials need to be used in relation to the environment.

Lindsey Fay 

Lindsey is also a professor at the University of Kentucky. She had a love for design a t an early age. Her most memorable moment was when she “created” a playground in the fourth grade. She does work and research in the health care system, and analyzes the design of hospitals to see if they will fit the needs they need to provide. Lindsey has also gone to Cali to work on co-housing. She sees design going in which ever way the new designer’s passion dictates.

designer profiles 9-10

Randall Vaughn
Randall is currently the president for the designer group at Gray Construction.  He went to the University of Kentucky for architecture. He worked for numerous architecture firms before he was employed at  Gray.  Randall was influenced by design from his wife. They would take car rides and look at numerous buildings; this is when he first started to realize how broad design was.He believes that all cars will become electrically powered, and move away from producing gas powered vehicles.  He also thinks that there will be a synchronization of various disciplines for design projects.

Helen Turner

Helen is a professor at the University of Kentucky.  She started out at the University of Ohio with an interior design degree, and found work at a small design firm right out of college.  This gave her the opportunity to work on many different projects while being there since she was the only interior designer at the firm.  She then moved to a bigger firm. After the recession she went back to grad school, and became a teacher. She focused more on how design could become more green.  She notices how design can impact the environment. In the future she thinks that there will be more energy efficient design and also more green design projects.

Designer profiles 7-8

Tim Lucas

Tim has his own architecture firm in Lexington. Tim got his inspiration from his father who an Interior Decorator. He enjoyed his father’s creations in this field. He studies at UK and has worked all around Lexington and Cincy in different firms. He mainly focused on design being everywhere. Tim mentioned that his style was brutal.  He made a point to say that design in the future would be based on new-age vs old-age.

Melody Farris Jackson

Melody teaches first year architecture at UK. She got her inspiration from the da Vinci drawings. Melody started off as a bio and chem major, but switched to architecture.She has experience in design from painted bourbon barrels, to her house that she put together herself. She said that design was all about problems and challenges.  You always have to consider the outcome versus the specific challenge.  She also mentioned that design has various scales, all of which are shown in her wide array of work. Melody also said that the future of design will be based on new versus old.  Another thing she said was that multiple careers paths would start to converge, and there would be a cross in design in engineers and developers.

Designer profiles 5-6

Adriane Grumbein

Adriane is professor at UK. She got into design in high school when she taught  herself how to use Photoshop and other computer based programs. She is an  ISC professor here at UK. And she also, designs wedding cards and things of that nature on the side. She believes that the world of design will become more technologically based. Things like big data in today’s society is what she used to support this claim.
Joe Ray-Barreau

Joe is a professor at UK. He got his inspiration for design as a child when he and his grandfather built a tree house. He teaches interior design and lightning design here. He mainly focused on light design. The way a space is lighted can lead to many different scenarios, and change the mood of people. The future of design in his field will be with LED lights. They will become more predominant in homes, on streets, and everywhere; they also have been used to decorate bridges, skyscrapers, and cranes making them more versatile and a pice of art.

Designer’s Profiles 2-4

Adam Logsden

  • Works for Gray Construction.
  • He has finished his undergrad at UK for architecture, and is now in graduate school.
  • He knew he wanted to be an architect at a young age when he constructed majestic things with legos.
  • He is currently working on site for a construction agency in Lexington.
  • Adam believes the design world for architecture will become more advanced and diverse in the next couple of years. The design process will become more technically inclined, meaning that technology will be used more to accomplish tasks. This will make collaboration easier among the sites. He also believes that 3D printing will become more predominant. He stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if people could buy printers for their house, and order something online to be 3D printed in their home.”

Julie Sniadowski

  • Still in graduate school for architecture.
  • Julie was very artsy as a child, she enjoyed drawing, and painting.
  • She was accepted to GSA thanks to her art skills, and became interested in architecture once she got into college.
  • She is attending grad school at UK right now.
  • Julie has similar beliefs as Adam on the design process of architecture.

Heather Hemmer

  • Junior in arts at UK.
  • She grew up enjoying math, science, and art.
  • Her mom influenced her decision to travel down the design path; she took some design classes her freshman year, and really enjoyed them.
  • She is enrolled in design classes right now, and has been since her freshman year of college; she plans on sticking with it, and studying abroad.
  • Heather stated, “design can be more than what it is perceived, it can be whatever you want it to be.” Heather has started up a project of turning trash, and rusted metal into new, cool sculptures.

Museum of Me

  1. Baseball cap
  2. Nike tennis shoes
  3. Blue wristband
  4. ATO shirt
  5. Patagonia clothing
  6. Baseball glove
  7. Football
  8. South Park
  9. 308 rifle
  10. Florida Gators wallet

All of these items can be linked to culture. They all share a little piece of my personality in them. The baseball glove and football can be linked by my love of the two sports. I played both sports growing up so I’ll always have a soft spot for both. Another sports related item is my wallet. Growing up I enjoyed watching the Florida Gators sporting activities. The wallet can be described as clothing as well, so this item can be to my favorite baseball cap, my Nike tennis shoes, and my fraternity shirt. My fraternity shirt represents the underlying values that we live by. This is a way of life that has hidden meaning to the members of our fraternity. My Nike tennis shoes show that I enjoy being active; the shoes were made to with-stand and do almost anything, almost every activity I do involves my tennis shoes. My favorite cap is my Patagonia baseball cap. This hat shows my love for baseball, being outside, and an accessory to my wardrobe. Patagonia is known as an outdoorsman brand, meaning that the market for this stuff is for people who enjoy being outside. Going off the outdoorsman persona we can link my 308 rifle and the patagonia clothing articles I also have. The rifle shows that I’m supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and am a hunter. The clothing is liked because I wear some of this while out hunting with my rifle. The last two things are related on a more personal level. The show South Park is one of my favorite shows; it also correlates to my sense of humor. The blue wristband is more personal than this due to the significance that comes with it. The wristband stands for the remembrance of a lost teammate from high school.