Artifact Selection


The one and only Yeti cooler



Back in my home town theres a peculiar shaped plantation house that is still standing. The house was one of the nicest of it’s time in the 1800’s. The shape of the house is an octagon; this shape was chosen to ensure that the owner was able to watch every corner of his land.

octagon-hall 2

octagon hall

From this arial view you can see that the Octagon Hall is located in the middle of the plantation, next to it is the slave quarters, and barns are spread out  further around the premises. Back in the day the roads would’ve been gravel or just dirt, but as you can tell that main road was used for the same purpose back then. It leads to the courthouse and trade house. Franklin, my hometown, has the same layout as Lexington with the path, node, edge, district, and landmark.

Postcard Final

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.10.16 AM

My quote speaks for itself, so the design of the postcard complimented this aspect. The verb part of the quote was the building of the Eiffel Tower; I chose this picture because I’ve seen it before and was familiar with it. I also like how it looks and am mesmerized by the outcome of the what the builders did. The noun part of the quote happens to be a famous designer. It is the founder of the Polo brand.


The American culture is very diverse and unique. The intricate design of most of our modern day houses help in showing the different mind sets and way of designing that Americans have, as well as the flashy type of culture we’ve adopted. The “McMansions” are one of the easier ways to classify the way we portray our culture. These types of house cover a pretty heavy amount of land, and are jam packed with other add ons. The type of materials, like bricks, logs, trim, or stone help to tie nature into the house in a roundabout way. In the previous century houses were very simple using only one type of material on their exterior, but now Americans like to flex their wallet and incorporate multiple. The skyscraper scene hasn’t changed too much from the previous decade. Our skyscrapers are mainly still glass towers. The height that we are reaching for when building them can be compared to the American dream of reaching your overall goals. It’s also due to our competitive nature; each city wants to beat the others, and be able to claim that “their skyscraper is the tallest or best.” Other countries have adopted this mind set when building their towering structures. mansion


My roommate and I have a type of early bungalow. Our house is one of the oldest standing houses on the block; it dates back to the nineteen twenties. Our house has the horizontal coverage of the front porch and the same layout to break up the roof from the main area. The roof is set up into multiple “layers” with the same pitch. We have a half porch that starts at our door and goes a fourth of the way around the side of the house. On the porch are the columns that the lecture talks about, and the exterior is also made of brick to help the blending process. Inside you can see the remnants of the previous culture. There’s an archway coming from our living room to the dining room, and both rooms are very spacious. The living room has the old fireplace still in it as well as the chimney to accompany it. The house feels very friendly and welcoming to the inhabitants, and to the people walking by. The many American houses observed in the lecture illustrate the extraordinary differences in design. The bungalow example made it possible for people to have their own space, and in a way flex their social power. By this I mean the dweller could search the weekly magazines to decorate the interior. It was one of the first things that helped to promote consumerism in America. The ranch house on the other hand promoted the social scene in another way. This was one of the first house that allowed easy access to car and house. It was made specifically to help the inhabitant store and pick up their car easily. The McMansion is the newest and most ornate type of design housing there is today. The different types of materials used in the making lets the builder show his design genius by mixing and matching to make the end product go well together.

Media Depot

One of the major things I learned from this day of class was that the library has a media depot available to students. After finding out about the media depot I plan on using it for future assignments in this class or others. The help and insight the staff can give you here is unreal. Students can get help with movie making programs, and advice for how to make the movie better. There are also rooms that you can rent out to further help your movie making process. The rooms have green screens, soundproofing, and movie microphones that assist in the movie making process. The media depot can also help you with simpler tasks on the computer such as all the Microsoft and Adobe products.